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Diploma in Sales and Marketing (Level 5)

Course Details


6 - 8 Months


210 Hours

Building on your existing knowledge and experience the ISM Diploma in Sales & Account Management considers the Sales and Account Management roles and the responsibilities you have as a leader for selecting, recruiting and ensuring high performance from your sales team. You will also gain an understanding of how to use marketing to understand your relationship with your customers and how to satisfy, plan and develop sales and marketing strategies to support their needs effectively and profitably through the sales process.

The Diploma in Sales & Account Management is aimed at more experienced sales individuals with 5 or more years experience working in a sales role. More specifically at this level, the individual would either be a sales manager in charge of a sales team (Sales Management modules), a sales professional responsible for key account management (Account Management modules) or an experienced sales individual who works in these roles as a combined position. The qualification is designed to help you expand on your theoretical knowledge giving you the skill and knowledge needed to work towards a more senior or strategic sales role.

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