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Reframing Leadership

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1 - 2 Days


8 Hours

Effective leadership can never be broken down into a neat process. It cannot be limited to a set of competencies and activities that transcend every leadership challenge. The universal perfect leader is a myth. Leadership is messy, fluid, and unique. A leader is always a work in progress. This workshop is designed to help leaders of all shapes and sizes ignite, maintain, or redesign the critical discovery process that lies at the heart of all effective leadership. This workshop helps participants explore their strongest beliefs about themselves, their leadership style, and their current and future challenges. Participants emerge with a rigorously tested leadership framework that clearly expresses the unifying theme of their leadership story.

Equally important, the workshop helps participants implement their conceptual framework over a range of leadership practices including recruiting, pursuing the right fit for the organization and the individual, and developing others. Finally, the workshop addresses the participant’s leadership journey and the development process that is right for them. This represents the beginning of an intentional process towards excellence. This understanding helps participants write their own individual action plan to build momentum in fully developing their leadership potential.

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