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Social Media Management

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2 Weeks


23 Hours

In today's rapidly evolving data-driven business world, organisations continue to recognise the strength and value of maintaining an active and robust presence on digital and social media platforms. These platforms are providing additional points of contact with stakeholders and creating new avenues to strengthen relationships. With valuable and unprecedented access to data about products, competitors and consumer behaviour, businesses with an effective social media presence and strong engagement strategy are better poised for strategic advertising, marketing, sales and customer service.

For success in today's digital world, you must have a plan to integrate your social and mobile marketing strategies into your business strategy. Whether your company has a sophisticated engagement strategy or you are a new start-up, the CTS College immersion exercise will help you to strengthen your top level strategy, structure your review and management of digital analytics, improve your business intelligence on social media and leverage evolving trends to grow provable market share and build stronger relationships with your high value markets.

The objective of the course is to provide participants with the practical knowledge and insights required to manage their individual and business presence on social media. It includes a practical project where students will create and evaluate a comprehensive social marketing strategy for an organisation of their choice.

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